Monday, September 19, 2016

Nicola Horlick jins the Liberal Democrats over Brexit

Judging by the stats for this blog, there is a hunger among my readers for good news about the Liberal Democrats.

So try this story from the Evening Standard for size:
City “superwoman” Nicola Horlick today backed the Liberal Democrats to lead the battle against Brexit and launched a stinging attack on Cabinet minister Liam Fox. 
The financier and mother-of-six has previously shied away from taking sides in the political arena. 
But she says she was stung into speaking out after a “barrage” of abuse on Twitter for warning of the perils of Britain quitting the EU.
The paper does not say she has joined the party, but she could not be clearer in her support:
"I urge all who voted Remain to re-kindle the passion of the protests that followed the vote ... For those who want us to stay in Europe and, at the very least, in the single market, the Liberal Democrats are the obvious choice."
I also like her:
"I find it hard to understand how anyone who cares about Britain’s economic prosperity could remain a Tory."
Later. Nicola Horlick has joined the Liberal Democrats.

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