Thursday, September 15, 2016

Six of the Best 626*

"Although the policy paper is called ‘Mending the Safety Net’, what it proposes is nothing of the sort. In fact, it actively endorses the current welfare system which is failing so badly that over a million people in the UK don’t just live in poverty but are actively destitute." George Potter argues that Liberal Democrat Conference should reject the social security policy paper.

Caroline Wright reports that a renowned Harvard psychologist Says ADHD is largely a fraud.

Gavin Stamp mourns the unhappy fate of Christopher Wren's London churches.

Thinking of faking your own death? It's harder than you think, explains Elizabeth Greenwood.

"That feeling extends to the battle scenes, as if a bunch of flower children have taken some bad acid and gone berserk. It's a sloppy, nasty tableau, anticipating the actual grubby decline of the sixties." A Classic Movie Blog views Alfred the Great from 1969.

" I like chess. That’s the main reason that I’m able to play at a reasonably high level - that I really love chess. Always have and always will (smiles). It’s the best game in the world!" Britain's Nigel Short explains why he is the only player aged over 50 in the world's top 100.

* Except that the numbering of this feature went haywire long ago. I've no idea which number this really is. One day I will find out.

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