Thursday, September 08, 2016

Six of the Best 624

To understand Jeremy Corbyn look first at Vladimir Derer (who he?) says Sam Pallis.

"Older voters ... tend to be risk averse as regards political change. However, in this instance they had a rare chance to vote to return to the UK of yesteryear, which in some cases certainly provoked nostalgia not only for what the UK looked like before 1973 but also what they themselves looked like." Elliott Green on how the power of nostalgia helped Leave win the referendum.

"Burning trees for electricity is a bad idea," argues Bill McKibben.

Jack Thurston on how disused railways are being turned into long-distance cycling and walking routes.

Chris Stonor looks at cricket and mental health. "Suicide is particularly poignant given the prominent cricketing casualties. They include Mark Saxelby, David Bairstow, Peter Roebuck and Harold Gimblett."

Meanwhile, Backwatersman is encouraged to see spin bowling in the ascendancy at Northampton.

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