Friday, January 20, 2017

A Deltic with snow on its boots

I must have taken this around 1980, by which times Deltics were confined to the stopping trains from York to King's Cross. (I was never convinced by those white cab surrounds.)

Except that this station roof doesn't look like York. Could it be Manchester Victoria?

If it was, what was the Deltic doing there?


Dan Falchikov said...

Hull Paragon?

Dan Falchikov said...

Oh and I remember them being used on the Newcastle-Edinburgh stopping services around then too. I caught a train from Prestonpans to Waverley hauled by one in the very early 80s.

Jonathan Calder said...

Hull is possible as I did make the trip there from York.

Other suggestions have been Newcastle and Doncaster.

David B said...

Those trainshed roofs don't look like either Doncaster or Newcastle.

Frank Little said...

My tentative offering is Leeds.

Tom Barney said...

1) Definitely not Doncaster: there is no trainshed there.
2) Pretty certain not Leeds as by 1980 they had surely built the rather unhappy warehousey trainshed which did not have the NER-look curve which is visible here.
3) Hull is possible, although I do not remember any modern canopies there.
4) Newcastle has, I'm pretty sure, both trainshed and outlying canopies. So my vote is for there, though I'm not absolutely convinced.

Unknown said...

100% Newcastle Central!