Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lord Bonkers' Diary: "I’ll do my scrying in the rain"

With Rutland's most celebrated peer having made it safely into 2017, it is time to say goodbye to Bonkers Hall.

Until next time.

New Year’s Day
Here we bring new water from the well so clear,
For to worship God with, this happy New Year.
Sing levy-dew, sing levy-dew, the water and the wine,
The seven bright gold wires and the bugles that do shine.
No, I don’t understand a word of it either, but it is a traditional New Year carol and I have it sung by the village children here at the Hall every 1 January wolves not withstanding.

What does 2017 hold for the Liberal Democrats? It happens that I am well briefed on this: when I dropped in to give the Wise Woman of Wing her Christmas card, we shared a herbal tea in her garden while she scryed (it has been legal in Rutland for some years now). After thus consulting her crystal ball, the Wise Woman assured me that our beloved party can look forward to a year of growing success. And, believe me, she is Terribly Wise.

Incidentally, while we were out in the garden it started to spit, but when I suggested we go indoors she replied: “I’ll do my scrying in the rain.”

Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South West, 1906-10.

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