Monday, January 02, 2017

Six of the Best 656

"The year that has passed dealt three tremendous shocks to Britain's parliamentary system. Taken together, they constitute a quiet revolution: potentially the most significant recasting of how Britain is governed since the coming of universal suffrage. Understanding how this has happened, why it matters and what should be done about it is essential, if we are not to sleepwalk into new and potentially more dangerous forms of government in the year ahead." Robert Saunders on the lessons of 2016.

"Hungary, my country, has in the past half-decade morphed from an exemplary post-Cold War democracy into a populist autocracy."  Miklos Haraszti is worried for the United States under President Trump.

Is the tide turning on Brexit? Mark Argent surveys the evidence.

Miranda Johnson explains how her grandfather Richard Adams' life, especially his wartime experiences, produced Watership Down, his world-famous story of rabbits and their struggles to survive.

A brief survey of the role of science fiction in popular music from John Holbo.

Ben Ricketts remembers 17 of the greatest characters from The Bill.

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