Sunday, January 01, 2017

Farron: Labour and Tories marching hand-in-hand towards disaster

Tim Farron has replied to Theresa May's new year message, In it, she said:
"I am there to get the right deal not just for those who voted to leave, but for every single person in this country."
But Tim is having none of it. He says:
"After months of platitudes and driving us headlong towards a hard Brexit out of the single market, threatening jobs and our economic security, a few empty words are utterly meaningless. 
"If the prime minister cannot even deliver on the words she gave when she campaigned for remain, why should we believe her now?"
Importantly, he adds:
"In all of this she has Labour holding her hand, marching towards a disastrous Brexit."
The crumbling of Labour support among the liberal middle classes because of their stance on Europe may be one of the political stories of 2017.

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