Sunday, January 08, 2017

Six of the Best 658

Timothy Garton Ash asks if Europe is disintegrating.

"We are two weeks away from Trump’s Inauguration, and American intelligence agencies, flawed as they are, have declared, publicly and clearly, that they have convincing evidence that Russia, at its President’s direction, interfered in a Presidential election." David Remnick on Putin's big hack.

"It was not until I started to work more closely with homeless people and began to learn their stories that I have come to realise that each and every one of us is at risk of being homeless." Callum Hunter warns it could be you.

Amia Srinivasan remembers the philosopher Derek Parfit, who died this week.

Curious British Telly remembers the BBC2 adaptation of Angus Wilson's The Old Men at the Zoo.

Urchins playing cricket immortalised in stained glass? It has to be Spitalfields Life.

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