Thursday, January 26, 2017

Six of the Best 662

Phil Burton-Cartledge looks at the Ukip leader's appeal to voters: "Nuttall's first leaflet goes on about what a great MP he would be. Stoke-on-Trent Central can look forward to 'representation it has never had in Parliament before'. ... Nuttall came 736th out of 756 in terms of attendance at the European Parliament in the 2009-14 session."

Richard Rorty's liberal philosophy is enjoying a revival, says Stephen Metcalf.

Philosophy teaches children what Google can’t, argues Charlotte Blease.

David McLean tells the incredible story of Bessie Watson, "the youngest suffragette".

"While there may very well be those who are critical of his work, dismissing it as weird, oppressive, or impossible to follow (and it very well can be), it would be difficult to deny the subtle genius of his work." Adam Frese on David Lynch at 71.

"Before visiting, I’d had no idea that this wonderful building even existed." Flickering Lamps discovers Southwell Minster, one of England's finest - and least known - cathedrals.

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