Sunday, January 22, 2017

Petula Clark: While You See a Chance

"I've always been famous as far as I can remember," Petula Clark told the Daily Mail a few years ago.

And it was not an exaggeration. She made her radio debut at the age of nine and entertained the troops during the Second World War.

Her latest album, From Now On, came out in October of last year. It features this version of While You See a Chance, the song (written with Will Jennings) that relaunched Steve Winwood for the MTV generation

Petula Clark, like everyone who performs Winwood's songs from that era today, offers a more downbeat version. They often do sound better shorn of the originals' glossy production.

Liberal England asks: Did I ever tell you the story of how Petula Clark phoned me?

Readers reply hurriedly: Yes ... You did ... Yes ... Definitely ... Oh yes.


wolfi said...

Thanks for this again, Jonathan!
I took the liberty of putting up the link to that performance on the Steve Winwood fansite.

And thank you for your work in these "interesting times" - in Europe and the USA ...

Phil Beesley said...

If you invented her professional story as a historical narrative, you wouldn't a foot through the door.

Anonymous said...

Love petulas conservative practices against drugs loose women and pro family.