Saturday, January 14, 2017

Stella Creasy: If you don't get Mrs Brown's Boys you don't connect with real society

Except Stella Creasy tells me she did not say this. See the footnote.

The moderate wing of Labour plots its path back to power.
I have my doubts.

Or as Mrs Brown would put it...

Footnote. After I tweeted the link to this post I received a reply from Stella Creasy:
I expressly didn't say this ... Which is ironic when you see what I actually said about echo chambers..
I have asked her to send me what she did say so I can quote it accurately. I hope she will, as there is a debate to be had about the danger of liberalism becoming a patrician concern.

Later. You can read Stella Creasy's speech on Huffington Post. The relevant passage is:
This fatal flaw in our collective identity has also made us presume we know what other people want and need - and that it’s all about money. That has meant we’ve focused on economic difference, without recognising the cultural division that cripples any shared progress too. And that is not about Brexit, but a nation that is becoming ships that pass in the night. 
Who here watches Mrs Brown’s Boys? It’s the number one-viewed television programme in this country. It beat the Queen’s Speech at Christmas. It won the best comedy of the 21st Century. And, yes, the intelligentsia were horrified. We don’t get the joke. If you want to understand why Donald Trump won, look at who watches Duck Dynasty in America.


crewegwyn said...

A social commentator writes:

Duck Dynasty, surely?

(I understand Owen Jones is a big fan.)

Anonymous said...

Creasy, a person from a wealthy, public school background whose only work before parliament was as a lobbyist and a speech writer, lectures the Labour party on ordinary people, I wonder if she has ever met any?