Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Six of the Best 657

The smart Lib Dem strategy in Copeland is to be willing to put off voters, argues Mark Pack. He's right.

Raymond Snoddy says "A new journalistic (and psychiatric) specialism is being created before our eyes: analysing the tweets of Donald J. Trump."

"The United States did invent teenagers. That is a historic fact, just as Americans invented the telegraph, telephone, PC, and atomic bomb. While much progress has been made over time with many inventions, less so with teenagers." James W. Cortada puts this invention down to more schooling and parenting.

Jeff Maysh on the extraordinary story of the Czech spy Erwin van Haarlem.

"Stuart Wilson, an archaeology graduate who was working in a toll bridge booth, took a gamble and bought the field for £32,000 when he could have been investing in his first house." That field, reports Steven Morris, contains a lost medieval city on the border of England and Wales.

Bill Drummond remembers Allan Williams, the man who gave away the Beatles.

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