Sunday, March 12, 2017

GCHQ warns British political parties of danger of Russian hacking

The National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ) has written to the leaders of Britain's political parties warning them about the threat of Russian hacking at the next general election.

And Sky News has the text of the letter, which comes from Ciaran Martin, the centre's chief executive:
"You will be aware of the coverage of events in the United States, Germany and elsewhere reminding us of the potential for hostile action against the UK political system ... 
"This is not just about the network security of political parties' own systems. 
"Attacks against our democratic processes go beyond this and can include attacks on parliament, constituency offices, think tanks and pressure groups and individuals' email accounts."
And, the report goes on to say, the Sunday Times quotes a GCHQ source as saying it regards protecting the British political system from foreign hackers as "priority work".

Later. Lord Bonkers tells me he "caught two fellows with snow on their boots going through the Shuttleworths" at a remote rural committee room during the Ripon by-election of 1973.

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