Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The red telephone box is returning to Market Harborough High Street, but Leavers shouldn't get too excited

A ray of light on a dark day has been the news that the red telephone box will be returning to Market Harborough High Street.

Last month, without warning, BT sent a lorry to carry it away, even though Harborough in Bloom were keen to adopt it.

As the Liberal Democrat councillor Barbara Johnson said at the time: "It’s been part of the street scene in a conservation area for years."

But today the Harborough Mail reports that
the box should be back within a month - as a bit of visual nostalgia; it won’t have a working phone.
Is this a portent of what Brexit Britain will be like? First red telephone boxes come back, then queuing, proper cricket and corporal punishment?

No. Leave supporters should not get too excited.

Already it is clear that big business will use Brexit as an opportunity to campaign to get rid off 'red tape'.

In other words, to get rid of the laws that protect the built and natural environment.

If you still have a red telephone box in your town and village, Brexit makes it more likely that you will lose it.

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