Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kingsthorpe: Where Northampton has almost won

Pitsford surprised me. Boughton astounded me. But by the time you get to Kingsthorpe the encroachment of Northampton is almost complete.

The old village is still there amongst it all. So you get a road with an ironstone farmhouse on one side and Victorian terraces on the other. A village green bordered by mid-20th-century bungalows. Rural enclaves with 21st-century infill at the end of them.

And, says Wikipedia, it is something of a nursery for actors. Joan Hickson, Judy Carne and Lesley Joseph all lived here as girls.

I wonder if St Mary Mead is now like this?

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wolfi said...

Thanks, Jonathan, for these really lovely pictures of houses in English towns and villages!

I still remember when I drove through the English countryside almost 50 years ago on my way from Dover to London (there was no motorway at that time) - I was so surprised. Later I went to Stonehenge once, many beautiful villages on the way!