Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Top commentator says Lib Dems could cause a political earthquake

"For some time there has been a gap in the market on the centre-ground of politics," wrote Rachel Sylvester behind The Times paywall this morning:
Tory modernisers hoped they could seize this territory and Labour moderates contemplating forming a new party to occupy it. 
Perhaps, though, the hole will be filled by the Lib Dems.
As evidence she offers our recent successes in council by-elections and are growing membership:
Many new recruits are former Labour supporters, who are disillusioned with the direction in which Mr Corbyn is taking the party, especially over Europe. 
A recent "action day" in the Labour leader's own Islington North constituency was a great success.
She also writes about the party's improving finances, which will be less familiar news to most Lib Dem members:
Money is also starting to flow in from business people who fear the economic consequences of leaving the European single market. 
In the last quarter of 2016, the Lib Dems for the first time raised more money than Labour, securing almost £2 million. It was only the beginning of a transfer of allegiances and funds. 
I am told that at least one wealthy donor who gave to Labour under Mr Blair has contributed to the Lib Dems in the past few weeks and the party is in discussions with several others ... 
"A few years ago it was car-boot sales, now famous international business figures are prepared to talk to us and introduce us to their friends," says one slightly astonished strategist.
Also this morning, the Sun reported that Tory MPs in Devon and Cornwall are lobbying Theresa May against an early election as they are afraid the Lib Dems would take their seats.

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David Evans said...

It is very true that there is a gap in the centre of British politics, or possibly more accurately a gap in the centre left.

Of course the reason the gap is there is because Nick marched us out of it over the five years he was in coalition. Sadly, the problem is that many people still remember this and really won't forgive us for what we allowed to happen.

The political eqrthquake happened between 2010 and 2015, and getting ourselves back to where we were before then will be a very difficult task indeed.