Sunday, March 12, 2017

Six of the Best 674

"Every good brand needs a theme and an aesthetic, and President Donald Trump has spent decades cultivating both. The theme is success, wealth, winning, and the aesthetic is bright, brassy, loud—or, depending whom you ask, gaudy and fake." Peter York says that style is 'dictator chic'.

"Yangon’s old British buildings have the look of Gothic ruins gone astray in a tropical forest that cannot accommodate their scale." Lawrence Osborne retraces George Orwell's footsteps in Myanmar.

Simon Usborne on why unexploded bombs keep turning up on London building sites.

Mark Redfern meets Neil Hannon. Well, it's only a questionnaire really, but there are lots of video clips.

Peter Houseman was a member of the Chelsea teams that won the FA Cup in 1970 and the European Cup Winners' Cup the following year. He died in a car crash in 1977. John Hollins remembers him on the Chelsea FC site.

From writing papers to urinating on other people’s work, cats have a rich history of scholarly work, finds Glen Wright.

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