Friday, March 10, 2017

Six of the Best 673

Energlyn Churchill says a more credible Labour leader than Jeremy Corbyn would help the Liberal Democrats. And he's right.

"Our social care system is a leaky bucket. Large chunks of cash invested in social care end up in the hands of private investors. Instead of simply pouring an endless stream of public funds at the problem, we urgently need to fix the bucket." Sarah Lyall tells us how to do it.

The effects of Britain's involvement in the slave trade are still with us, argues Chris Dillow.

Sophie Miskiw on her father, the tabloid journalist and phone-hacker.

"50 years after its UK release it reverberates way beyond the notoriety of Jane Birkin showing her bits on screen. Appropriately for a picture about perception and ambiguity, it plays very differently from the one I remember first seeing years ago." Anthony Quinn marks an important anniversary for Blow-Up.

Andy Dangerfield explores the lost rivers that flow beneath London.

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