Thursday, March 09, 2017

Shropshire 'Knights Templar' caves are only 200 years old

Caynton Caves
Photo of Caynton Caves by Richard Law

Nothing about Shropshire would surprise me, but today's stories like
Rabbit hole leads to '700-year-old Knights Templar' caves
are sadly nonsense.

The complex is not a new discovery and Historic England has tweeted the link to its listing under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990:
Cave/grotto. Probably late C18 or early C19, but undatable. Hollowed out of rock in side of disused quarry, approached by very small unmarked entrance. Plan, apparently irregular ambulatories opening into inner sanctuaries. Columns left by excavation as cylinders with bases and capitals (and occasional anuulets); neo-Norman decoration to bays between columns, one neo-Norman doorway with beak-heads and roll moulding; decorative quatrefoils and designs abound.
And they are on Wikipedia too.


David B said...

Perhaps a place...that Sir Francis Dashwood knew, and knew well.

wolfi said...

Seems that the USA are going crazy over this too (you know 'Muricans like constiaption theories) - so reported and "debunked" the story.

Btw snopes is one of my favourite sites!