Friday, March 03, 2017

Six of the Best 671

"There is, it appears, a worldwide epidemic of infants in positions of political power, and everyone is telling everyone else to grow up," says Samuel Earle.

Jennie Bristow questions the current fashion of blaming the Baby Boomers for everything.

Timothy Snyder asks if Trump is waiting for his Reichstag fire moment.

"James Taylor’s description of the moment his implanted defibrillator shocked his heart back into a normal rhythm is told in a matter-of-fact way without a flicker of emotion but nevertheless is a stark reminder of what he faces every day." The former England batsman talks to Nick Hoult about life after cricket.

Merlene Emerson attends a talk by Peter Frankopan, author of 'The Silk Roads – A New History of the World'.

"Cats are persistent, agile, and mysterious. ... Cats have been portrayed as murderers, portents of death, and dance partners of the devil. People have shared stories of cats returning as ghosts, continuing to bite toes and scratch doors." Notebookofghosts considers cats and death.

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