Thursday, March 02, 2017

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

This feature limps along - it has been a couple of months since it appeared.

With the surge in Liberal Democrat membership, you have to conclude it is blogging that is in the doldrums and not the party.

But there is good news. A new blog was added to the LibDemBlogs aggregator in February. Thanks as ever to Ryan Cullen for sending me this information.

That blog is Maintain the Advance! It is written by A.L. Franklin.

It has been going since 2013 and the posts are all poems.

Here is the most recent:
winter sun
We escaped our hibernation
on the sheltered natured tip / of the southern winter islands
to be collared by the fate
which shared a timeworn laugh with us / as it welcomed foreign guests
to a pre-paid concrete paradise
necklaced by saharan dunes / on their shifting constant march: a
grainy smudge,win gleaming light
of aged rouge and lipstick, on the pocket-mouth of hell
If you have a blog you would like to appear here next month please add it to LibDemBlogs. You can do so even if it has been running for years.

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