Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Fenland floods of 1947

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The weather of 1947 threatened food supply while the nation still recovered from war. From the snow bound uplands to the fens plagued by thaw floods, everything seemed lost. 
But wartime had bred a can-do attitude - with new seed from the empire, equipment from allies, conscripts building barricades and the hardy persistence of the farmers themselves, there’s another victory on the home front. 
Made in the mode of wartime propaganda, this film continues the style and approach that the Ministry of Information had perfected in a series of agriculturally focussed films during WWII. 
Director James Carr would go on to take the production company World Wide Pictures to success as one of the premier British suppliers of government documentaries and industrial films in the postwar period.
So says the blurb for Trial by Weather on the British Film Institute site. Follow that link and you may watch it there.

Fellow admirer's of Malcolm Saville's children's books will be familiar with those floods because of his The Luck of Sallowby, which I once blogged about.

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