Thursday, December 07, 2017

Someone is stealing the bicycles of Gloucestershire politicians

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Alarming news from Gloucestershire Live:
A Cheltenham councillor was the victim of a “brazen” bike theft on Cheltenham’s Promenade in the latest instance of county politicians falling victim to cycle theives. 
Councillor Max Wilkinson (Lib Dems, Park Ward) locked his bright orange Mango bike in the rack by the war memorial at 5.50pm yesterday, before a licensing committee meeting in the Municipal Offices. 
When Mr Wilkinson, the Lib Dems’ prospective parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham, went to pick up his bicycle at about 6.40pm, it was gone and the lock was on the floor, cut through. 
It is not the first time a Cheltenham politician’s bike has been targeted, with Alex Chalk MP having his stolen while campaigning in June 2016. 
While Gloucester MP Richard Graham, in tweeting his sympathy to Mr Wilkinson, said: "Last week had to carry my legless bike back to [Parliament]..hope another cyclist enjoying my front wheel." 
Mr Graham also previously had his bike stolen in Gloucester.
Max Wilkinson is the newly selected Lib Dem prosepective parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham, and Lord Bonkers has suggested to me that this is an attempt to sabotage his campaign.

But I suspect something even more sinister is at work here. Democracy itself is under threat.

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