Sunday, December 31, 2017

Six of the Best 756

"If the Conservatives care about the future of their party they would do well to ignore the squeals coming from the swivel eyed ideologues and listen to the warning Lord Heseltine is trying to give his colleagues." George Turner believes Brexit may yet destroy the Conservative Party.

Phil Wainewright says the Remain campaign in the referendum let Britain down by its complacency.

Will plans to divert Metropolitan Line trains into Watford Junction hit the buffers? And if they do will it be Boris Johnson's fault? A fascinating post from London Reconnections.

Passing football began in working-class Lancashire according to Conor Pope.

John Fleming argues that the BBC drama Eric, Ernie and Me rewrote history by pretending the BBC made Morecambe and Wise famous and writing-out their giant success on ITV before they joined the BBC.

As an archaeologist well used to looking at bones, Francis Pryor was interested to handle his own hip joint,

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