Thursday, December 21, 2017

Six of the Best 754

Rob Marchant believes Labour's only hope is that the trade unions will turn on Jeremy Corbyn over the threat that Brexit poses to workers' rights: "Even Corbyn’s great ally on the hard left, Len McCluskey of Unite, is being weakened by the legal challenge to his election as General Secretary, this week announced as being a little more serious than many had expected, now his case will be heard by a former High Court judge."

"The British are catching up with an American awareness of the intertwined political influence of the secretive super-rich, social media, and the Kremlin," argues Anthony Barnett.

Cicero does not mince his words: "It is a basic contention of this blog that Donald J Trump is not fit for office. A crooked real estate developer with a dubious past and highly questionable finances. he has systematically lied his way into financial or other advantage. His personal qualities include vulgarity, sexual assault allegations and fraudulent statements on almost every subject."

Lord Patel says it's now or never for Asian engagement in UK cricket, says Huw Turbervill.

Martin Salisbury introduces the work of the artist John Minton.

"On the Slaughden peninsula near the Suffolk fishing port of Aldeburgh, there were said to be lights associated with nameless "things" that pelted you with shingle." Matt Salusbury on the mysterious lights of the East Anglian coast.

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