Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Six of the Best 753

It is 10 years since Nick Clegg narrowly gained the leadership of the Liberal Democrats. Jen Yockney speculates on what might have happened if Chris Huhne had won instead.

Justin Gest asks what lesson can be learnt from the victory of the progressive Democrat Steve Bullock in the Montana gubernatorial race.

Nakul Krishna looks at the work of the philosopher Philippa Foot: "Like other philosophers before and since, Foot’s achievement consisted in pointing us in a better direction. Instead of looking to logic or language for answers, she suggested that we look to 'the reality that surrounds man'."

The Victorians would prop up their dead and photograph them as part of family groups. Right? Wrong, says Sonya Vatomsky.

"For many coming to New York City, the available entry is the Port Authority Bus Terminal ... However, if a traveler seeks the charm of a grand entrance, they will be greatly disappointed ... As one Yelp! reviewer put it: 'If I die and go to hell, I think it might resemble this.'" Margaret McCormick on "a hall of unfathomable nightmares".

"Over 50 years ago football had it’s own quiz show. Quiz Ball ran for just six series but is recalled fondly by those who remember it." Vince Cooper will tell you all about it.

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Roy said...

I moved from Medway to NYC and the (thankfully now demolished) Pentagon Bus Station in Chatham would have given the Port Authority a run for its money.