Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Six of the Best 751

The Pin Prick looks at the influence of Big Sugar on Brexit: "During the 2016 referendum Tate and Lyle Sugars was one of the few big companies to support Leave and this year sponsored the Brexit heavy Conservative Party Conference, a move branded ‘disgraceful’ by British farmers."

Policy wonks want to nudge people to do the right thing, but Tim Harford warns that the same techniques can be used to encourage people to do the wrong thing.

"What Jim Henson’s fantastic creations capture perfectly is Dickens’s interest in the ludicrous and absurd details of seemingly everyday appearances." Emma Curry argues that The Muppet Christmas Carol is best Dickens adaptation ever.

The other day Talking Pictures TV showed The Intruder, a 1953 film that makes an interesting companion piece to another Jack Hawkins film, The League of Gentlemen. dfordoom describes it as "Not quite a crime film, not quite a war film, but an interesting hybrid."

Matthew Engel has heard enough from Geoffrey Boycott.

Where to begin with British psychogeography cinema? Adam Scovell has some ideas.

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