Friday, December 29, 2017

Liberal England in 2017: Part 3


A snap of Bonkers Hall I took years before I met Lord Bonkers turned up again, while the death of James Davidson left Elizabeth Shields as the older former Liberal MP.

I watched cricket at Mr Logan's ground in East Langton and came across the restoration of a historic house in Kibworth Beauchamp.

Jonathan Meades, I discovered, published a guide to the TV personalities of the day in 1979:
The neatest digs are aimed at two targets who are still very much with us 38 years on – the Dimbleboys, as Meades says Bernard Levin used to call them
My travels took me to Bottesford church and to the bridges over the Nene at Irthlingborough.


I went off to Shropshire with the songs of Scott Walker in my head.

It transpired that the expensive new trains being ordered for the Midland main line out of St Pancras will be slower than the ones running now.

I found that left and right were uniting to shift the blame from the Nazis marching in the United States and explained why I never bought Jeremy Corbyn's story on traingate.

Don't believe I got to Shropshire? Look, that's Stokesay Castle above.

Brexiteers, I argued, still treat Australia as though it were moored off the coast of Kent.


I didn't want John O'Farrell to tear up his Labour membership card over Kate Hoey, I just wanted him not to vote for her.

Gender-neutral clothing for children was in the news. I pointed out that my first literary hero Malcolm Saville had no problem with it in the 1940s.

I wondered if Jacob Rees-Mogg believes masturbation is wrong - there was a reason.

The psychologist Steve Reicher said in a lecture I attended that that if we are to understand the appeal of Donald Trump (and of other authoritarian populists) we have to get away from the idea that the people who voted for him are merely wicked or stupid.

I asked if English cricket has a drink problem and photographed the death throes of Kettering Town's old Rockingham Road ground.

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