Sunday, December 03, 2017

Six of the Best 748

Why are Brexiteers so surprised that there are problems over the Irish border? Chris Grey explains.

Phil Wainewright says Nick Clegg was wrong to be so dismissive of the idea of a universal basic income.

While Nick Barlow was not impressed by Tim Farron's speech to the Theos think tank: "When Tim’s new admirers include people like Tim Montgomerie and Douglas Murray it’s hard not to be reminded of Dora Gaitskell’s comment when her husband basked in seeming triumph at a Labour conference: 'all the wrong people are clapping'."

Charlotte Higgins finds the Palace of Westminster is falling down: "[Political scientist Matthew] Flinders said: 'There are those who realise that if they allow new intakes of MPs to go into a new chamber, with new atmospheres, new ways of doing things, places for everyone to sit, new procedures, new ways of talking, they may refuse to go back into what may to them feel like an antique shop.'"

"Once upon a time, the United States had voting on paper ballots that could be recounted by hand. There were, no doubt, a few problems with ballot stuffing or whatever, but nothing like the magnitude of what can be accomplished electronically these days." Janet Maker looks at the evidence that Donald Trump benefited from rough work at the count.

Running Past remembers the Lewisham rail crash of 1957.

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