Thursday, December 14, 2017

St Catherine's Chapel, Abbotsbury

In the days when I went on long walking holidays I used to lay out everything I wanted to take and find it was too much for my rucksack. Often my camera was one of the things that was sacrificed.

But I did take it with me sometimes. And one of the times I did was 1997, when I walked from Plymouth to Brixham, missed out the area around Torbay on the advice of my guidebook as there was too much road walking, and then continued from Exmouth to Weymouth.

This photograph was taken that summer, as Tony Blair enjoyed a political honeymoon that took several years to end.

A little research tells me that the building in the distance with the look of a folly is St Catherine's Chapel, Abbotsbury.

In those days I tended to photograph landscapes, rather than the buildings I favour today. As I did not have a telephoto lens, the results were not generally satisfactory. But I rather like this shot.

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