Sunday, December 17, 2017

Six of the Best 752

Why did white working-class men vote for Brexit? Noam Gidron and Peter A. Hall suggest it is because they have lost social standing over the past three decades.

"The UK government can’t leave the Single Market and the Customs Union and, at the same time, avoid a physical border in Ireland," says Flip Chart Rick.

If you want to know who matters in Britain, wait until it snows. You will find that the roads are gritted but pedestrians are left to tackle icy pavements unaided. Ludlow's Andy Boddington thinks it is time we did something to help them.

Emma Tucker asks if it is time to reassess Britain's postmodern architecture.

"Even people who have never seen Michael Curtiz’s romantic wartime allegory can conjure up a few lines about beautiful friendships, gin joints and hills of beans… maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon." Pamela Hutchinson looks at why we are all still quoting Casablanca.

IanVisits surveys Christmas Day television over the years. As a bonus, here is something you could have watched on ITV 25 December 1968. Maybe I did...

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