Friday, May 17, 2019

Bishop's Castle residents block road in protest against bus cuts

At the start of the month I blogged about Bishops' Castle residents' plans to block the main road to Shrewsbury as a protest against proposed cuts to the service.

That protest duly took place today. More than 70 people - an impressive turnout - blocked the A488 and the Shropshire Star had photographs.

The organiser, Sarah Wilkinson, told the paper:
"It is imperative that this service is maintained. If people lose it not only will those who rely on a bus service have to move, they may also lose their jobs. If they do not have a car they will be stranded in Bishop's Castle. 
"It is a terrifying prospect and it is cruel of the council. This is not practical. If the buses go there will be more taxis on the road. 
"If you want to buy a house in Bishop's Castle you will need to have a car. It is discriminatory against people who rely on the bus, they will not be able to move here. Bishop's Castle has been a market town since medieval times and that could be lost."

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