Sunday, May 19, 2019

St Guthlac's and Holbrook Memorial Hall, Knighton

St Guthlac's in not in Knighton village, but is to be found just off the London Road. It was built to serve the large houses and terraced streets that had sprang up here and today form one of the city's most pleasant suburbs.

Completed 1912, it is generally described as the last work of the prolific Leicester architect Stockdale Harrison. He designed De Montfort Hall and many other buildings in the city, as well as the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

Next door is the Holbrook Memorial Hall, built as a memorial to the men of Knighton who had died in the first world war.

A page about the hall suggests it too is the work of Harrison. If so, it must have originally been planned as a church hall as he died in 1914.

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