Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Oakham: The least used station in Rutland

And, perforce, the most used station in Rutland because it is the only station in Rutland.

We travel to Oakham from Corby over the mighty Welland Viaduct and see more of it from the ground later on.

If you fancy travelling over it yourself, then a good opportunity is coming up.

Between 25 May and 2 June every train from St Pancras to Leicester and beyond will take that route. This is to allow for the completion of the realignment of the track at Market Harborough station.

And if you ever find yourself with time to kill on Oakham station, I recommend the Grainstore Brewery and its pub.


Anonymous said...

I was rather under the impression that there is another railway station in Rutland, called (I think) Bonkers Hall Halt...

Dr A

Jonathan Calder said...

Indeed there is, but the branch from Market Harborough gets left off many maps and is overlooked as a result.

Patrick Coleman said...

Similar perhaps to Wiltshire's Black Dog Halt, between Chippenham and Calne, which was not in the timetable from 1863 till 1949 as it was a private halt for the Lords Lansdowne, political opponents of Lord Bonkers.