Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Lib Dems finish second in the East Midlands and Harborough

There are a couple of things particularly worth celebrating about the European elections if you live in these parts. You can find all the relevant results on the Leicester Mercury site.

The first is that the Liberal Democrats outpolled both the Conservatives and Labour across the East Midlands, with the result that we again have an MEP for the region. And it is again Bill Newton Dunn.

The second is that the picture was just the same in the Harborough constituency. The Brexit Party was again well ahead, but the Lib Dems came above Labour and the Tories.

Of most significance here may be that Labour was beaten into fifth place. If the Lib Dems again emerge as the challengers to the Tories in Harborough, things could get interesting.

At the 2005 general election we came within 4000 votes of taking the seat.

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