Tuesday, May 07, 2019

The Tiggers have lost control of their own Twitter account

My thesis that the smoothness of The Independent Group's political careers up till now has given them an exaggerated sense of their own competence received further backing today.

Alex Wickham broke the story on Twitter this afternoon, and the Spectator's Steerpike has it all in one place:
Following the political party’s decision to change its name from the Independent Group to Change UK, it decided to update its Twitter handle today: from @TheIndGroup to the rather strange @ForChange_Now. Unfortunately, it seems the breakaway MPs didn’t realise that someone might take over their old account handle once it had been vacated. 
And, in a matter of minutes, the @TheIndGroup account was hijacked by an individual campaigning for a hard Brexit. .... 
Even more unfortunately, anyone Googling the Independent Group to find out more about the newly formed party, will instead by directed to the hard Brexit account. And the party managed to lose its Twitter ‘blue tick’ which verifies that a user is genuine.
And here's Sparks:

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