Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Tiggers' week from hell arrives in Peterborough

Whatever did for the idea of a single Remain candidate in the Peterborough by-election - Patrick Maguire of the New Statesman thinks he knows - we can agree that this statement from the Tiggers' Gavin Shuker is remarkable:
"Change UK, the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and Renew have been working hard these last few days on a joint approach to the Peterborough by-election, recognising that we need to put the country’s interests first, securing a People’s Vote and remaining in the European Union. 
"We all agreed to stand down any candidates we might field in favour of a genuinely independent, pro-People’s Vote and pro-Remain candidate who had expressed an interest and intention to stand. 
"However, senior Labour figures, including senior figures campaigning for a People’s Vote, made it clear that they would strenuously disrupt the campaign and obstruct an independent Candidate, driven by fears that it would harm their party in Peterborough." 
Did the Tiggers really think the Labour Party would accede to the loss of one of its seats without a battle?

At least the Liberal Democrats and Greens got their nomination papers in after the breakdown of negotiations and will each have a candidate in the by-election. The Tiggers will not.

Perhaps they were afraid that would upset Labour too?

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Jane Chelliah said...

The Tiggers are in no man's land now aren't they?