Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Paradise postponed at Airfield Farm, Market Harborough

In 1997 someone put forward a plan for a Christian theme park, including a recreation of the Garden of Eden, just outside Market Harborough.

Nothing came of the idea and eventually planning was given for 924 houses on the Airfield Farm site.

On Saturday I crossed the new canal bridge to see that was happening there.

There were show homes, cycle paths and little else. The effect was rather eerie, but then that was my reaction to the new Leicester suburb of Hamilton when I passed through it while searching for the Humber Stone.

To listen to some, you would believe that little house building takes place because developers are at the mercy of ruthless NIMBYs.

The reality is different, with planning authorities afraid of turning down applications lest they are obliged to pay the costs of an appeal by the developer.

And too often, new estates lack any amenities, any transport but the private car and are blatantly designed to allow further expansion.

This new Market Harborough development will not be like that. We are promised "sports pitches, a country park, play areas, allotments and a local centre which will consist of local shops and services".

But for now the site belongs to the show houses.


The Singing Organ-Grinder said...

"Christian them park" is blatant othering.

Jonathan Calder said...

I think the idea was for a "Christian Them park", but it turned out Van Morrison wasn't religious.