Friday, May 03, 2019

Residents to block main road over cuts to Bishop's Castle bus

More power to the people of Bishops' Castle. They are planning to protest over proposed cuts over their bus service to Shrewsbury.

As the Shropshire Star reports, there are plans to cut the 553 bus from five journeys there and back to two.

The result is that residents are planning to stage a protest on May 17 and aim to bring the main A488 to a standstill. Demonstrators, says the Star, will be placed just before the first turn off to Bishop's Castle from 9.30am onwards.

Sarah Wilkinson, who lives in Bishop's Castle, is quoted by the paper:
"We will attempt to close the A488: disruption to road users is not a malicious intent, but a way to demonstrate how the council's proposal is a permanent disruption to those of us who rely on public transport. What use is a road if we may never use it?"

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