Sunday, May 12, 2019

Six of the Best 865

"With the local elections, the Lib Dems were finally completely clear in their messaging. “Stop Brexit” – that’s easy to understand. “Bollocks to Brexit” has the added bonus of having a slightly risqué element to it, meaning it will be discussed and thus picked up on." Nick Tyrone says the Bollocks to Brexit slogan is just what the Liberal Democrats need:

Rachel Andrews takes us to the former Bessborough mother and baby home on the outskirts of Cork. Nine hundred children died here, but few graves have been found.

Jonathan Webber introduces us to Simone de Beauvoir's views on parenting.

"Mr Eliot has asked me to tell you how much he personally enjoyed the poems and to pass on to you his congratulations on them." looks at the relations between T.S. Eliot and Ted Hughes.

Ken Andrews watches Joseph Losey's 1963 film The Servant: "One of the delights of The Servant is marveling in Bogarde's depiction of Barrett’s effortless slides in and out of his Manchester accent and contrasting his 'on the job' fussiness with his louche behavior when 'off the clock'."

"The hill was my playground, school and world." Alan Garner on Alderley Edge,

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