Saturday, May 04, 2019

Is Lord Bonkers a Time Lord?

Ever since I started writing Lord Bonkers there have readers who worry about his age.

How can he be so old? Maybe the Lord Bonkers writing now is the son of the one who started contributing to Liberator in 1990?

It has never worried me - it's fantasy as well as satire innit?

Besides, we all know the reasons he has lived so long.

He bathes every year in the spring of eternal life that gushes from the hillside above the former headquarters of the Association of Liberal Councillors in Hebden Bridge and purchases (at a rather steep price) a cordial from the Elves of Rockingham Forest.

Today someone suggested another explanation to me: is Lord Bonkers a Time Lord?

I am not enough a fan to be able to explore the full implications of this, but I like the idea of someone who has the ability to travel through space and time but chooses to spend his days fighting for radical Liberalism on our little island and stewarding the Rutland countryside.

Incidentally, if there is a problem with age and Lord Bonkers' Diary it is not his age but mine.

I sometimes fear that my references to Richard Holme, Nancy Seear and the Sutton and Cheam by-election just don't cut it with the younger generation.

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crewegwyn said...

Nancy Seear.

Yep, get the reference.