Thursday, June 06, 2019

A Lib Dem opportunity? Suffolk has doubts about Boris Johnson

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As Paul Geater notes in the East Anglian Daily Times, Conservative activists see Boris Johnson as their best hope of winning the next election.

But he is not sure they are right:
However after being asked about the leadership by people who are not, or at least are no longer, Conservative activists, I am starting to wonder whether Mr Johnson is really the asset that some seem to think. 
At the Suffolk Show I came across several business people (largely linked in some way to agriculture) who are really, really worried about Mr Johnson - and said to me that they would vote for anyone BUT him. 
His comments about business last year struck a chord (I'm certainly not going to repeat what he said!), meaning that many see him as very much an anti-business candidate. 
Brexit is an issue that many people running small businesses continue to be worried about - and suggestions that it might be acceptable to come out without a deal to meet the October 31 deadline leave them cold.
Geater goes on to note that the Liberal Democrats have already selected a candidate for the Suffolk Coastal constituency, Julia Ewart, and concludes:
If Ms Ewart continues to make her voice heard, then come the next election Conservative Dr Therese Coffey would be wise to be as aware of the threat from the centre as she will be from the Brexiteers.

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