Saturday, June 15, 2019

Six of the Best 869

"We need to discuss these issues; plan for them and deliver a strategy that deals with them. I bet you won’t hear a peep from Tory Leadership contenders about this vital and urgent issue." Richard Kemp on the social care crisis.

Angel Fletcher argues that internships must be paid and openly advertised if all young people are to have fair access to career opportunities.

Roger Hermiston looks at the career of the forgotten Liberal leader Archibald Sinclair.

"Many recent studies have found that children are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD if they are younger than their peers in their classroom." Peter Simons notes the latest research into this controversial diagnosis.

Phil Walker debates whether a dearth of cricket on free-to-air television is to blame for a tepid reaction to the Cricket World Cup and crippling factions within the game.

The London novelist Alexander Baron is celebrated in a new book by Nottingham's Five Leaves Press. Nadia Valman writes about his East End roots.

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