Thursday, June 20, 2019

Heather Wheeler should resign as homelessness minister

Heather Wheeler, the homelessness minister, has apologised after the leaking of emails in which she described rough sleepers in her constituency as "the traditional type, old tinkers, knife-cutters wandering through".

The Guardian reports that Stephen Robertson, the chief executive of the Big Issue Foundation, has called on her to resign.

He is right and not only because of her extraordinary racist and dated language. The idea that homelessness is only a problem for traditional travelling people in Britain today is so absurd that she is clearly remotely fitted to do the job.

I had a week's holiday last month and was shocked by the number of people sleeping in tents that I came across along the canal in Nottingham and in the centre of Northampton.

Heather Wheeler should read the Leicester Mercury:
“This time last year, I had everything. I had a house, a job, I was settled and happy. Then it all went wrong"
I encountered her from time to time on the East Midlands segment of the BBC's Sunday Politics and she always struck me as an unpleasant individual.

Here she is attacking the fire brigades union four days after the Grenfell Tower disaster.

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