Saturday, June 15, 2019

Boris Johnson is just a chlorinated chicken

Lucy Middleton reports for Metro today:
Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson upheld his media silence as he attended party hustings today. 
The former foreign secretary, who is the front-runner in the leadership race, chose to arrive at the event through the side entrance of the hotel. 
He then later left the hustings through a discreet rear door, without taking any questions from journalists.
But then Johnson is anxious to avoid journalists during this Conservative leadership campaign:
And it's not just journalists he wants to avoid.

The Guardian says he has turned sown an invitation to participate in a leadership debate on Channel 4 - with the result that he will be represented by an empty podium.

You could say Johnson is ducking these encounters because he is a chicken, but it is his supporters who really need to take a hard look at themselves.

If your candidate for Britain's next prime minister has to kept from scrutiny at all costs, why in heaven's name are you backing him in the first place?

Anyway, it seems Johnson will not be able to avoid his rivals altogether. The row over his no-show on Channel 4 has led him to accept an invitation to a similar event on BBC.

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