Sunday, June 02, 2019

Carly Simon: We Have No Secrets

On Twitter yesterday I listed the five albums I have played more than any other. Not my choice of the best or my current favourites, but the five I have played the most.

No Secrets by Carly Simon made the list.

I suppose if there were an event for albums by females singer-songwriters released in 1971, Carly Simon would win bronze while Joni Mitchell and Carole King disputed gold and silver for Blue and Tapestry respectively.

These days I play Blue more than No Secrets, but I doubt it has made up the gap yet. No Secrets reminds me of the summer that I bought a house and won a council seat, when I played it endlessly.

You're So Vain was played to death decades ago, and the album has a couple of up-tempo numbers, influenced by James Taylor, that do not show Carly Simon to best advantage.

But it also includes some gems, and the title track is one of them.

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nigel hunter said...

To me, there are Judy Collins and Sandy Denny. Nowt like nostalgia for the 70's!!