Monday, June 03, 2019

Blue plaque installed at Richard Jefferies' birthplace

A blue plaque was put up today at Coate Farm, Swindon, the birthplace of the Victorian writer Richard Jefferies.

Coate Farm is now a museum dedicated to Jefferies. Its director Mike Pringle told the Swindon Advertiser:
"This is fantastic, it’s an acknowledgement that someone great was here. Richard Jefferies was a big name in his day but it seemed like his time had come and gone for a while. 
"However, it feels like society is coming round to him again with climate change on the agenda and ideas about re-wilding and being out in nature becoming more popular – these things were all hugely important to him and his work. 
"I think he would have really enjoyed the fact that we are celebrating the things he loved as much as we are celebrating him."

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