Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Chuka Umunna can be heard singing the theme tune of Mr Bean

Photo: Gerhard Heeke
Anxious to know more about Chuka Umunna, widely touted today as a future convert to the Liberal Democrats, I read a Financial Times profile of him from 2013.

To be honest, it left me little clearer about a politician whose appeal and motivations are something of a mystery to me. He was once billed as the British Obama, yet he went to an expensive private school.

But it did yield our Trivial Fact of the Day.

Umunna's treble, recorded while he was a chorister at Southwark Cathedral, can be head singing the theme tune of Mr Bean.


Anonymous said...

Southwark Cathedral - it would be remarkable had he been a treble at university.

Jonathan Calder said...

You have a point.