Thursday, June 20, 2019

The new issue of Liberator is full of good things

The sharp-eared amongst you will have heard little cries of delight as the new issue of Liberator landed on your neighbours' doormats this morning.

This issue, among others things, questions Ed Davey and Jo Swinson, looks at the overflowing in-tray facing whichever of them wins and celebrates Liberal gains across Europe in last month's elections.

And then there is Radical Bulletin, which gives you the inside story on what is going on in the party.

This time it tries to get to the bottom of the confusion over the use of diversity criteria in the selection of our Euro candidates. And guess which district saw the Liberal Democrats' worst local election results in May. (Clue: we had an MP there until 2015.)

You can download the interrogation of the two leadership candidates from the magazine's website.

While you are there, remember to subscribe to Liberator.

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