Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Former Conservative deputy leader of York joins the Lib Dems over his party's shift to the far right

It’s not just in Westminster that leading Tories are leaving the party 
says York Mix.

The website reports that the city's former Conservative deputy leader Paul Healey has joined the Lib Dems. He was a councillor for eight years and has been a Tory activist for 28.

He told York Mix:
"Since the 2016 EU Referendum, the Conservatives have lurched to the far-right of British politics, squeezing out the space for moderate, liberal and pro-European Conservatives. 
"Like many other people across the UK I have been appalled at Boris Johnson’s attempts this week to subvert parliamentary democracy and push through his hard Brexit agenda. 
"That is why I am delighted to be joining a united, tolerant and outward looking Liberal Democrat team here in York, buoyant from recent victories in the local and European elections, leading the campaign for Remain and standing up for communities across the city."

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